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Refund and Returns Policy

Heerrav Retail is committed to providing the highest quality products along with friendly customer service since it takes customer pleasure seriously. We acknowledge that, in rare circumstances, you might decide not to proceed with your purchase or that the item does not live up to your expectations. In addition to the price and logistical difficulties associated with selling large, bulky items online, the cancellation and return policy was created with the best interests of the customers in mind.


Order not processed: If the order has not been completed and fulfilled, the consumer may self-cancel it from his account or send an email to [email protected] requesting a cancellation. Order cancelation is not always confirmed. A complete refund will be started if an order is successfully cancelled before it is processed. Depending on the form of transaction, the refund will automatically be refunded back into the original source within one to three working days. 

Order processed: Once an order is processed and fulfilled, it cannot be cancelled and no requests for cancellation will be accepted. When processing the refund, To and Fro Logistics fees will be applied if the consumer refuses delivery for any reason. The logistics expenses for To and Fro can range from ₹1000 to ₹2500/—, contingent on the shipment’s weight and pin code of destination.

Refund: After the shipment is returned to the original source, the refund will be handled. It may take four to seven business days for the original payment source to receive the refund.

Free Shipping Policy: Heerrav Retail exclusively offers free shipping on successful orders; in which case Heerrav Retail will pay the shipping costs. The customer will be responsible for paying the shipping charges if they decide to cancel or reject the item after it has been dispatched.

Replacement & Return policy

Heerrav Retail adheres to the following terms for its parts replacement/return policy:

If any of the following requirements are met, a product purchased from Heerrav Retail may be returned or eligible for a parts replacement during the return period, which is 10 days from the date of delivery:

a) The delivered product differs from the ordered one.

b) Upon opening the packaging, the product was discovered to be defective or to have been physically damaged upon delivery.

c) The product, or components of the product, or accessories that were listed as being “In the Box” on the website or mentioned at the Packaging box are missing. 

Physically Damaged upon Delivery:

To be eligible for a replacement, a product that is found to have been “Received in Physically Damaged Condition or Damage upon Delivery” must be reported with valid pictures or video evidence of the damage within 72 hours of the product’s delivery. Issues reported after the first 72 hours will not be accepted.

Replacement of Missing / Damaged parts:

Heerrav Retail retains the right to send a replacement of the damaged part(s) at no cost within a predetermined time frame in order to address any return requests for missing or damaged parts during shipment. If the part is not available, you will be able to return it and receive a complete refund.


We have taken great care to guarantee the accuracy of the product details. Hand measurements may result in very minor variations for all dimensions. Though your monitor’s settings or the lighting/flash used during photography may have caused a small variation in color replication, the image is a true reflection of the regular product. Mistakes that do not significantly affect the product’s functionality or that generally comply with design standards are not covered by the warranty or return policy.

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