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About Heerrav

Our company was established on March 30th, 2020, with a mission to offer Gaming chairs that feature lavish designs at reasonable prices while not compromising on quality and comfort.
Despite facing initial pandemic-related challenges, we persisted and gradually stabilized our sales. With the support of our valued customers, we introduced additional models, and as a result, we surpassed 1000 sales within a year.

We have a robust presence in

Our company specializes in the manufacturing of high-quality gaming chairs. We have a robust presence in popular e-commerce portals such as

jio mart

Production process

Metal Frame Fabrication

The Sturdy Metal Tube precisely bent by a CNC pipe bending machine to match the required specifications with utmost accuracy.

Upholstery Stiching

Our upholstery materials are carefully selected to meet the highest quality standards of the automobile industry. Our team of skilled tailors will then craft the upholstery to the exact specifications of the design, utilizing only the finest threads.

Assembly & Packaging

To create the top-notch finishing on the chair, our knowledgeable specialists will carefully attach the foam and staple it with pneumatic guns. Then, after quality inspection, the components are added and safely packaged.

Production Capacity

Our current production capabilities allow us to manufacture a minimum of 300 chairs per month, which can be loaded efficiently into two 20 ft containers.
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